Information for passengers

Lyft and Uber have comparable prices, But.....

Price Gouging:  Want to pay over $750 for a 35 mile ride home from a music festival?  That's what Uber passengers were forced to pay on Aug. 2, 2014 when requesting an Uber home from an El Monte, CA music festival, where Uber Surge Pricing soared to over 17x its normal rate.  Did they 'agree' to pay the fare?  Sure, they clicked the "I agree" button.  But I'm not sure they had the mental capacity to agree after a day of partying in the sun.

Basic Human Rights: Uber takes a bigger cut from its drivers' fares then other ride sharing Apps - a full 20% without exception.  Uber does not include a capability for tipping a driver in its App.  Uber instructs its drivers to wait a minimum of 10 minutes for a passenger to arrive to the vehicle and not to start the ride until the passenger arrives. All of these restrictions lead to extremely low pay for its drivers.  

Example of a typical Uber driver's experience:

An Uber driver accepts a ride that is 6 minutes away.  The driver arrives to the pick-up location and the passenger takes 10 minutes to come out to the vehicle.  The passenger travels .7 miles.  The total fare for the passenger is $3.  Meanwhile, the driver has spent over 20 minutes of his or her time.  The driver has paid for his/her own gas and insurance.  The driver receives only $2.40 from Uber (minus additional fees Uber takes as a whole each month) & the passenger is told the "tip is included."

False Advertising:

Countless ads from Uber claim that Uber drivers are not affected by it's low fares.  This is simply untrue.  Uber drivers are struggling, yet the company claims otherwise.

Unscrupulous Buisness Practices:

Uber has purposely sabotaged Lyft and its drivers through a variety of means.  Uber employees were found requesting a Lyft ride, only to take it 3 blocks solely for the purpose of recruiting Lyft drivers to Uber.  We have additionally heard reports that Uber has requested Lyft rides and given the drivers a 1-star rating in an effort to suspend the drivers from the Lyft platform.

Uber drivers need passenger

 support of our boycott!   

Please help us stand up against Uber's unfair business practices.  We need to fight together as a community.  If you support our movement, please email us at, with the subject line 

"Passenger in Support of Uber Drivers."

Information for drivers

Join the movement!

In the near future, we will be staging a boycott for Uber drivers until working conditions improve.  Please email us with your location at if you're interested in finding out more information about the movement. 

We will not set the date(s) of our boycott until we have a commitment from enough drivers.

This Boycott is being staged primarily in the Los Angeles area, but please email us if you are in any other area and we will connect you to one of the leaders of this movement in your city.

Boycott taking place at Uber's L.A. office on October 22nd from noon to 3pm

Drivers: Please email to join the movement or 

contact CADA - the California Ap-Based Drivers Association 

Boycott Uber 

Bike to your destination, take the train, the bus, drive, rollerblade, skateboard - get to your destination by any other means.  Just don't take an Uber.